AVI ReComp Home Page : News http://www.avirecomp.com/ AVI ReComp Home Page en-gb 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 admin@nospam.com hourly 1 2000-01-01T12:00+00:00 New domain http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.13.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac I am pleased to announce that AVI ReComp now has its own domain - avirecomp.comThe new domain is now hosted by DreamHost.Please update your links and bookmarks if you have the old URL in your Favourites.By the way,the new version is coming soon Regards,Prozac AVI ReComp 1.4.4 - another recommended release http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.12.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac The newest release of AVI ReComp is now available for your enjoyment.ARC 1.4.4 includes many improvements and bugfixes.Therefore we encourage all users to download the new version.The changelog for the latest version can be found HERE.You can download AVI ReComp 1.4.4 from HERE.Translators can download the newest Translation Package HERE.I'd like to express my gratitude for all beta-testers, regular users and donors.Thank you and enjoy! AVI ReComp 1.4.3 - recommended to install http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.11.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac The AVI ReComp Team is proud to announce that ARC 1.4.3 is available for download.This is the next maintenance release this year, and provides a number of improvements and fixes.Much effort has been put into improving the stability of the application.A lot of bugs have been fixed, some modules have been totally rebuilt.The Job list has been redesigned that will surely enhance the quality of using the program especially when reencoding a lot of movies in one session.We recommend all AVI ReComp users update the program by installing the new version.You can find the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.4.3 from HERE.Download the new Translation Package HERE.The new release wouldn’t have been ready today but for the help of our splendid AVI ReComp Team: Barough, jrfer and Krzychu.It has been a real pleasure working with you on 1.4.3Best greetings to our friend munky-head who is recently wrapped up in his work and in his new projects.Thanks a lot to all users who find the time for sending nice messages and thanks. AVI ReComp 1.4.2 http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.10.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac Another new version this year AVI ReComp 1.4.2 brings as always some changes, improvements and bugfixes. However, the most important change is the implementation of a new Vista compatible preview player.You can find the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.4.2 from HERE.Download the new translation package HERE.My most sincere thanks go to my indefatigable beta-testers: Barough, Chris and jrfer. AVI ReComp 1.4.1 - Now Vista Compatible http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.9.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 jrfer Regrettably there are no new features this time as Vista Compatibity took preference. There are however a lot of minor changes and bug fixes.Please Note: Unfortunately we still do not have a suitable player available for preview features while'st running under Vista so this feature will remain unavailable for the moment. We hope to have a new Vista Compatible player ready in time for version 1.4.2.You can find the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.4.1 from HERE.Download the new translation package HERE.As usual I would like to thank the beta testers as well as the Users, who I hope will continue to post, in the Forums, of their experiences using AVI ReComp and of new features they would like to see in future versions. AVI ReComp 1.4.0 - after a long time waiting http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.8.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac First of all, I'd like to apologize for taking so long to release this new version of AVI ReComp.Thank you to all users for being patient.AVI ReComp 1.4.0 includes a new Crop facility allowing you to cut areas of your source image changing its resolution. Additionally you can use the Resizing Tool that has been improved in this new release. Furthermore – as always – there are many bug fixes and updates.Unfortunately we still have no opportunities to test the program on Windows Vista but I hope we will make ARC Vista compatible in the near future.You can find the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.4.0 from HERE.Sincere acknowledgements for my greatest friends Mike and Pasha for keeping our forums alive when I was busy. Thank you Henrik for devoting your time to working with all beta releases. New AVI ReComp - 1.3.0 http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.7.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac I think it's high time to try AVI ReComp 1.3.0 It was ready a long ago but we wanted to make some more beta-testing.New features:- audio conversion- editing avs scripts (for advanced users)There are many smaller and larger improvements and changes. And of course bug-fixes too.Read more about the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.3.0 from HERE.I'd like to thank Barough - our new beta-tester for his great feedback, for making additional and necessary tests and for encouraging me to release the new version Enjoy! New AVI ReComp Official Forum http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.6.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac Hi ! We have just moved our previous PunBB based forum content to the internal e107 based discussion board.The forum url has changed so please update your bookmarks. Unfortunately there were no possibilities to keep your previous passwords during the database conversion because of differences between password encryption between PunBB and e107. Therefore if you were a member of AVI ReComp Official Forums, please use the password re-sending facility to generate your new password for a specified login and e-mail address.HERE you can use the "Forgot password?" option.If you meet with any difficulties, please:    - make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser    - try to clear your cookies and try to log in again.We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will like the "new look" of our forum Regards,AVI ReComp Team AVI ReComp 1.2.3 http://www.avirecomp.com/news.php?item.5.2 2008-12-15T02:13:05-08:00 Prozac A few days passed and the next version 1.2.3 of AVI ReComp is out. Mainly because a new version of XviD encoder has been released.From now ARC supports also XviD 1.1.2 final.Read the changelog for the latest version HERE.Download AVI ReComp 1.2.3 from HERE.