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I'm having the same issue for multiple files and I can't work out what's wrong.

Here's my log:

AVI ReComp log file

Job name: movie_arc

**28/04/2010 9:56:36 PM** Getting system and file information...

- OS info: Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium Build 6002 Service Pack 2

- RAM: 3.25 GB

- Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6550 @ 2.33GHz

- CPU architecture: 64-bit

- Main screen resolution: 1280x1024 px

- Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

- AVI ReComp version: 1.5.0

- VirtualDubMod version:

- Xvid version: 1.2.2 final

- AviSynth version:

- ffdshow: installed - v1.1.3370 [2010-04-21]

- VobSub: installed -

- Turbo mode: no

- B-VOPs disabled: no

- Use QPel: no

- Use Adaptive Quantisation: no

- Input file: "movie.avi"

- Output file: "movie_arc.avi"

- Source file size: 644922274 bytes / 615.05 MB

- Video size: 566763518 bytes / 540.51 MB

- QPel: no

- GMC: no

- Total frames: 132660

- FPS: 29.970

- Source compressor: DivX

- Source resolution: 640x360

- Source aspect ratio: 1.778

- Target size: 615 MB

- Audio: mp3

- Audio conversion: no

- Subtitles: no

- Cropping: no

- Borders: no

- Logo: no

- Process priority: Normal

- Delete temporary files: yes

- Delete source file: no

- Edit AVS script: no

**28/04/2010 9:56:37 PM** Saving video stream...

**28/04/2010 9:57:14 PM** Video stream saved.

**28/04/2010 9:57:14 PM** Demuxing audio stream...

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Audio demuxing finished.

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Analysing and calculating data...

- Xvid target size: 556616 Kbytes

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Writing the following script:

AVISource("movie_arc [AVI ReComp temp]\video.avi", audio=false)

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Running first pass...

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** First pass failed

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** First pass duration was: 0 hr 0 min. 0 sec.

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** EXCEPTION: Error during the first pass!

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Avisynth open failure:
AviSource: Could not decompress frame 0
(movie_arc [AVI ReComp temp]\script.avs, line 1)

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Temporary files have been protected against being deleted.

**28/04/2010 9:57:34 PM** Total working time: 0 hr 0 min. 58 sec.

Thanks for any help!]>
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There is a hell of a lot of web crap out there but this is a real gem. I would like to see if possible the ability for autocropping(I know it say cropping is always done on source in "additions" so is that autocropping?? rather than manual, maybe a few other containers/format acceptance eg Matroska, H264, AAC etc.

You probably would not like to accept vob files and incorporate a normalizer as well, be a nice option though??? A few filters standard plugins would be nice like, removegrain(AutoGK uses it etc), decomb(Handbrake uses it) denoise(AutoMen uses it) like other open source encoders have and your program would be absolutely perfect!:) Keep up the excellent work guys!]>
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An alpha channel is a separate channel (separate from the three RBG
channels) that defines transparency information. It is black and
white -- white denotes fully opaque pixels and black denotes fully
transparent pixels. It is used as a mask when layers of pixels are
merged on top of each other, in an application such as Adobe Photoshop
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